K6TU.NET DXer/Contester Subscription


12 month subscription to the DXer/Contester features of K6TU.NET.

This option provides you with unlimited access to all of the following prediction types:

  1. On-Demand - propagation prediction for a single band/hour combination with one mouse click. No backend delays! Use this to check likely propagation as you are on the air.
  2. Prediction - generates predictions for the bands & configurations of your choice with one band/hour per page. Perfect for seeing the big picture and planning when and where to be on the air to work the DX or multipliers of your choice.
  3. Contest Strategy - THE planning tool for figuring out your contest strategy. Plots four bands on a single page for each hour of the day and night. See when to make band changes or leverage SO2R for maximum rate.
  4. Inverse Prediction - generates a set of predictions of what you can expect to hear! Useful for planning DXpeditions where the antenna and power levels are asymmetric.
  5. Log Analysis - Analyze your contest performance after the event. Upload your log and have each contact plotted as an overlay on the propagation predictions. Useful for comparing what you worked against your contest plan.
List price: $34.99
Price: $34.99